Enjoy the taste of the very finest of Czech lagers with an accompaniment of delicious tiny cold food, served in traditional outdoor and indoor settings. Beer brewed on the premises is increasing in popularity and part of the tour includes the opportunity to sample these fine artisan beers. In the city centre is a funky spot run by connoisseurs for the discerning, that boasts an impressive selection of locally sourced and traditionally brewed beers. Whilst we are there why not try a wheat beer - an interesting variation on established beer making from a nearby micro brewery. You can choose from 0,5 litre (a sip less than a pint) or the smaller 0,3 litre to give you a taste. At the end of the tour we would like to present you with a reminder of our time together, a bottle of Czech Beer, which comes from local breweries hidden in the hilly corners of our country..

TO BOOK: Simply look at the tour dates on our calendar. If you have any other time preferences then don't hesitate to get in touch via e.mail and we will do our very best to accommodate you.